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Catherine & James at Birmingham Registry Office, reception at the Britannia Hotel, Birmingham

It was back to Birmingham Registry Office for me to photograph the wedding of the lovely Catherine and James, who were another one of those couple whom it is a pleasure to spend the day with.

It was a rather cold Novembers day, and the weather threatened to rain, but just about managed to hold off, with the wedding party then moving on to a lovely reception at the Britannia hotel in central Birmingham, just around the corner from the registry office.



The wedding party of John and Alexis at Uplands House High Wycombe

I don't do too many weddings like John and Alexis's held at the gorgeous Uplands House in High Wycombe, for this couple had chosen to get married abroad, just the two of them. But then like so many couples who choose that option, they still chose to have a party back here in the UK.

For me this this was just a short duration, covering the speeches and the first dance and otherwise a few formal shots, which were taken inside due to it being dark this late in the evening.



The wedding of Jay & Anthony at Langtons House, Hornchurch, followed by a reception at the Harefield Manor hotel, Romford, Essex.

It was back to the lovely Langtons Registry Office for me again for Jay & Anthony's wedding. I love Langtons having attended there now quite a few times for weddings. Its a really beautiful hidden gem of a location.

Making this lovely location (and the reception location of Harefield Manor Hotel) sparkle was the stars of the show Jay & Anthony and their guests. Another great group of well attired and smiley, bouncy people. Fun to be with and fun to photograph.



Jenna & Deans Wedding at Letchworth Hall Hotel, Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

Jenna & Dean chose to have their wedding at the lovely Letchworth Hall hotel, which is another beautiful Hertfordshire location that gives me so many wonderful locations for obtaining wonderful wedding photographs. They also have one the nicest bridal suites I've yet been inside.

I knew I was in for a good day photographically, because not only was the location so nice, it soon became very clear that I had plenty of wonderful smiley and sparkly characters to photograph. From the lovely cute children, to the comical adults and through to the sweetly refined seniors.

A pleasure to photograph and a couple whom it was a pleasure to spend at least a few hours of their day with.



The union of Lisa & Danny at Fairways Tavern Golf Club, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

After the surprise I encountered at the previous wedding I attended, the last thing I expected was to encounter the same surprise again, and to see all the chairs outside and the marriage ceremony to be carried out outdoors, but that's exactly how Lisa and Danny choose to have their wedding.

It was a big surprise as well as this was another return visit to Fairways Tavern in Welwyn, where I am the approved photographer. Though this was just a fleeting visit and short coverage this time.
Danny & Lisa were another couple who chose to simply receive their wedding images on disc.



The wedding of Donna & Scott, The Raglan Hotel, Muswell Hill, North London

With all the weddings I have photographed, Donna and Scott had the distinction of being the first (and being lucky enough in England) to hold their wedding service outside. With glorious sunshine and everyone sitting in the sun, it was a lovely wedding.

The Raglan hotel in Muswell Hill has a deceptively nice garden. Not what you'd expect from a London hotel. I'm so used to concrete in London, you normally have to go to the countryside, and it was a pleasant change.

This London wedding was another in which the couple took advantage of a disc only option.



Claire & Stuarts Wedding at Rushton Hall, Northamptonshire

I photographed Claire and Stuarts wedding at the absolutely beautiful and stunning Rushton Hall near Kettering in Northamptonshire. Its only my first visit here, but I'd rate it as one of the more striking wedding venues I have attended.

Along with this gorgeous venue were a lovely bride and groom, their smartly attired guests and a whole bunch of cute children, and its all these different elements, along with a skilled and experienced wedding photographer, that means at the end of the day the newlyweds will end up with photographs they will cherish.



The wedding of Donna & Andrew at The Grange, Ramada , Bristol

I travelled a fair bit further than usual to attend the wedding of Donna & Andrew, but it was worth it to enjoy photographing another fun wedding. Starting with the bridal prep and being surrounded by 7 bridesmaids always gives a lot of opportunity for great photos, but when they mostly consist of cute youngsters, its always a bonus!

The service and reception was then held at the Ramada Grange hotel. A lovely classy venue. As is so often the case in England, especially this year. (what is it with this year?) the rain was pouring, but as is the continued piece of luck I have managed to bring to so many weddings, it stopped just enough and the sun arrived shinning from behind the clouds just in time for the photos.



Prudence and Sarah's wedding at Langtons House registry Office, Hornchurch, Essex, and onto a reception at Barking & Dagenham Stadium.

I returned to Langtons House registry office in Hornchurch, Essex for Sarah & Prudence's wedding. Going back to Langtons house was something I looked forward to, as its such a beautiful venue. A real hidden gem, that you probably wouldn't know existed unless you have a reason to visit the beautiful grounds and interior.

This was another mixed race wedding, something which I seem to do a lot. I don't know if that is a sign of the times, or just the fact that people appreciate that I am capturing great photographs in what is one of the most technically challenging environments for a wedding photographer, having to expose correctly for many different shades of skin.



Jess & Darren's Wedding at The Tudor Barn, Brightwell Grange, Burnham, Bucks

Darren and Jess most certainly opted for a very action packed and entertaining wedding at the rather stylish Tudor Barn at Brightwell Grange in Burnham, Bucks.
Even though the rain kept coming down every now and again, in between there was radiant sunshine.

This couple opted for very few formal photos, choosing to go almost solely with reportage, capturing people unawares, and with so much going on there was plenty to capture from the brides bright pink PA Cresta, to children on space hoppers and in wigs and posing with fun props, though to having a hypnotist as the evenings entertainment.!



The Marriage of Nigel to Pearl at Braintree Registry Office, Essex.

With love proving that age holds no boundaries Nigel and Pearl were married at Braintree Registry Office. Being one of the more senior couples whose weddings I've covered certainly didn't mean it was any less fun. Even though it was a smaller and more informal wedding there were still so many great characters at this wedding and of course the couple themselves, that everything went nice and smoothly and lots of lovely photos were captured for the couple once more.

Braintree registry Office is a lovely location too, and the weather just about held off with just a few drops of rain coming down towards the end.



Leigh & Chris's wedding at All Saints church, N20 followed by a reception at The Shire Golf Club, Barnet, Hertfordshire

With this wedding the couple opted for to me photograph the bridal preparations with the usual ordered chaos occurring, but with all the happy people there gorgeous photographs and moments capture are assured.

Leigh and Chris's wedding took place at the lovely All Saints church in North London, with a service conducted by one of the most charismatic vicars it has yet been my pleasure to meet.

The wedding party then followed onto the Shire Golf club in Barnet, which is a nice classy modern venue. I like golf courses they have great backdrops to take wedding photos against, which in this case was helped along by having such a bubbly couple to photograph.

Chris and Leigh have already opted to have one of my beautiful handmade storybook albums.



The wedding Debbie & Lee at Friern Manor, Brentwood, Essex

It was back to the lovely Friern Manor for me for Debbie and Lee's wedding day. Friern Manor in Essex is a great location for a wedding, a charming interior, quality marquee and beautiful grounds.

Debbie and Lee are a lovely couple and good fun to work with, and this was another one of those great weddings where they were surrounded by so many well groomed, polite and smiley family and friends, that it just not only makes the day so much more relaxing for them, it also gives me plenty of opportunity for grabbing plenty of memories in the reportage side of photography.

Topping this off was a lovely sunny day and a fabulous and sometimes entertainingly whimsical choice of canapés and buffet complimented by a full sized old fashioned sweetie stall.



Marc & Sharon's wedding at St Marys Oatlands, Weybridge, Surrey

I was booked for Mark & Sharon's wedding at the very last minute, and we didn't have time to meet beforehand, so everything was arranged over email and the telephone.

And on meeting them on the day they turned out to be a lovely couple, accompanied by wonderful smiley family and friends and some great weather.

St Marys Oatlands architecturally is a gorgeous church and the vicar was a real character too! Another lovely day.



The wedding of Jeanette & Terry at Leatherhead registry Office, Leatherhead, Surrey

Jeanette and Terry marriage kicked off the wedding season for 2011 with a stunningly sunny day at Leatherhead Registry Office. This lovely couple approached me, like many other brides and grooms to be via a personal recommendation, and in this case I'd photographed Jeanette brothers wedding last year.

Lots of charming, smiley family and friends and a gorgeous location, helped out by that wonderful sunshine ensured that this pair of newlyweds received a great set of photographs.



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