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Katie & Jonathans wedding at Reading Registry Office

I always enjoy weddings with one or more of the key wedding party members in the services. Personally I just love the uniforms. I think it really adds something to the photos.

Katie & Jonathan's wedding was great in that respect with quite a few military members.

With a nice sunny day at the lovely grounds at Reading registry office this turned out to be another lovely wedding I covered.



The marriage of Daniel to Jessica at 3 Lakes in Ware, Hertfordshire

I returned to 3 Lakes one again to attend another wedding and this time it was the lovely couple Daniel & Jessica who married on a lovely sunny but rather blustery day.

3 Lakes is a lovely venue and they've made some nice improvements in the few months since I was there last and of course it has the gorgeous grounds with the lakes in the background. Why else would it be called 3 lakes, if it didn't have 3 lakes?

Jessica and Daniel were another couple who simply chose to have me cover the ceremony and the formal photos afterwards with my basic 2 hour package.



Daria & Rickards wedding at Oxford Registry Office

Daria & Rickard were a lovely young couple who chose to marry at Oxford registry office and chose me as their wedding photographer. Unfortunately they didn't choose the weather which was sadly raining a lot of the day.

But of course this didn't stop me taking loads of nice photos of them and their family and friends. With Oxford being the architecturally rich town it is they'd already told me that they wanted to go around a few of the classic Oxford locations for photos afterwards, which we were still able to do.

Another lovely fun wedding with happy guests in attendance.



Costa & Fernandas marriage at The Twelve Apostles, Hatfield and at the Royal Chace Hotel, Enfield, Hertfordshire

Costa & Fernanda had an absolutely lovely wedding. A fantastic mix of two cultures and their traditions which started with the bridal prep, continued through to the Greek Othodox Church, The Twelve Apostles in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire and continued at the Royal Chace hotel in South Hertfordshire with a lovely mixture of Greek Cypriot traditions and Brazilian influences.

Like so many weddings I really enjoy photographing, its mostly down to fun, cheerful groups of beautifully attired family and friends that keeps my camera busy. Couple that with lovely locations, throw in some great creative decorations and a few traditional wedding elements and you have the perfect mix in my opinion. Costa and Fernandas wedding was a perfect example of this, as well as being a lovely couple.



The wedding of Jason and Melissa at John Ray House, Bocking & Braintree, Essex folloed by a reception in Witham, Essex

It was back to Braintree Registry Office, also known as John Ray House for me once again for Jason and Melissa's wedding. I always like returning to the same venue, especially when they are great locations like john Ray House.

Jason and Melissa were a lovely couple with 2 very cute children, and they had a lovely wedding. A bouncy castle at the reception provided lots of entertainment for the children and with all the children running around there was plenty for me to photograph. Everyone loves photos of their kids at a wedding and for this reason I always take a fair number when there are children present.



Tom and Angies wedding at Hemel Hempstead Registry Office, reception at the Steamcoach, Boxmoor

Tom and Angie were a lovely couple, based locally to me in Hemel Hempstead and were married at Hemel Hempstead registry office, which is the nearest registry office to me.

Its a registry office I cover a couple of times a year and its a beautiful one, with some lovely grounds. I'm hearing rumours the are planning to close it and move into a soulless modern office. It would be a major shame if they did.

Could Tom and Angies wedding be one of the last weddings there? It would be a great loss, as they, like others before them had a great day.



The wedding of Gemma & Sam at Sopwell House, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Gemma and Sam came to me, like a number of my weddings after a recommendation from a friend of theirs whose wedding I had shot previously.

They held their wedding at the lovely Sopwell House in St Albans, a venue I always recall from having shot Arsene Wenger and his family there years ago, and have since attended for various events since. St Albans is a nice local location to me, and its always an easy one in that respect.

The couple were treated to lovely sunny weather on their wedding day and was a good fun wedding with lots of kids running around. As always I love the personal elements ad weddings and was pleasantly surprised by their use of a ceramic ornament as a wedding cake topper.



Richard and Rachel's wedding at Morden Park House, Surrey,

It was back to Morden Park House again for me to attend Rachel and Richards wedding. Its a registry office that I've attended several times as the official photographer, and I know why everyone goes there. Its one of the more beautiful locations in that area.

Sadly the weather really wasn't on the couples side as driving there it was raining so much I could barely see through the windscreen and was navigating through huge floods from the sheer volume of rain, but amazingly my lucky streak continues and it brightened up nicely to allow us to capture some outdoors photos later.



The marriage of Faith to Paul at Crowne Plaza, London, Parliament & Tower Bridge.

Faith and Paul choose to be very unconventional in terms of the photography they wanted on their wedding day. Rather than having the photographer cover the usual wedding service they instead opted to have photographs taken more in the manner of a photoshoot around London.

Starting at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Buckingham Gate myself and a small wedding party then travelled to various iconic London locations, along the Thames, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Tower Bridge amongst others along with in a classic red London phone box, which every couple getting married in London wants a photo in.

With some glorious London sunshine and a lovely couple it was great fun day.



Fraiser & Leslies marriage in Oxted & Warlingham, Surrey and at St Peters church, Tandridge

Fraiser and Leslies marriage was another lovely wedding that I attended as photographer this year. Once again my camera was kept very happy with a wonderful mix of happy, smiley characters, beautiful locations and well chosen elements and features adorning the wedding.

I loved their choice of a powder blue bay window VW bus for the wedding transport, stunning marquee and a blues brothers tribute band was a quirky and entertaining choice.

Appreciated by myself as well were all the vintage elements which had such a lovely personal feel about them, along with the ladies carrying some of the most unique bouquets I've yet seen at an English wedding.



Karens marriage to Anand at Dunstable Registry Office, Bedfordshire followed by a church service at The Sacred Heart Catholic church in Leighton Buzzard

I loved Karen and Anands wedding, it was such a perfect example of a lower budget doesn't necessarily mean a lower class of wedding celebration. It can in fact very much the opposite, when surrounded by warm and smiley friends and family who had clearly pitched in to create a beautiful and unique wedding.

Attending weddings graced by jolly larger than life characters enjoying themselves and smiling and joking away are my favourite. Add some cute kids into the mix and its the perfect combination to keep my camera busy and ensure that you'll be getting plenty of lovely photos.



The marriage of Luke & Lianne at St Marys the Virgin church, Baldock, Hertfordshire, and their reception at the Fairway Tavern, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Once again I attended another beautiful wedding this year. Luke & Lianne were a lovely young couple who had put together a gorgeous wedding with lots of charming personal touches.
I really liked their choice of venues too. St Marys in Baldock is a wonderful old church, with a very jovial vicar.

From there it was onto the Fairways Tavern in Welwyn, which is one of the venues where I am the approved photographer, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this venue has really pulled all the stops out lately and gone from being great to really fantastic. Fabulous attention to detail and a great atmosphere.

And Lianne and Luke have ended up with loads of beautiful photos to put in the wedding albums that have pre-ordered, taking advantage of my 10% discount offer on all pre-ordered albums, books and prints.



Hayley & Daniels wedding at Bletchley Registry Office and Windmill Hill Golf Club, Bletchley.

I've attended quite a few locations in and around Milton Keynes for weddings and other events, but Bletchley Registry Office was a new one for me, and its a great looking location, if a little cramped for the photographer inside.

This couple elected for me to start by covering the bridal prep and I have no doubt that Hayley was the earliest ready bride I've ever seen!

After shooting all the requested formals, we went along to the nearby location of the Windmill Hill Golf Club also in Bletchley for more photos.



The wedding of David & Gemma at St Mary's church in Potton, Bedfordshire and then at the Chestfield Golf Club, Gravely, Hertfordshire

I'm really enjoying the weddings I am photographing so far this year. I'm getting to photograph lots of fun, vibrant and well attired couples with that stance being further matched by their family and friends.

David & Gemma's wedding was no exception to this rule, despite a very! blustery day the couple looked great and gave me loads of fun elements to photograph from their beloved pooch attending the church as an official guest to riding around the golf course in golf buggies, along with a whole host of personal little touches.



Marco & Aylins wedding at Sonning Golf Club near Reading

Marco and Aylins wedding was held entirely at Sonning Golf Club, service, meal, reception. A popular trend these days. They had a lovely wedding and had decided to adhere to a number of their traditions from back home, which gave me a few different scenarios to photograph. Never a problem as I'm always flexible.

I particularly like the pyrotechnics on the wedding cake. So popular in Europe, you rarely see it at English weddings.



The marriage of Paula and Roy at St Albans Registry Office, and a reception held at the Comfort Inn, St Albans, Hertfordshire

I attended St Albans Registry Office for Paula & Roy's wedding, its a local and familiar location I've covered weddings at before.

Despite the weathers best intentions to dampen their spirits this was a gorgeous wedding. Loads of larger than life characters and smiley faces. I always love that splash of colour you get with the tartan at Scottish weddings.

I liked the the Comfort Inn too, it is a little gem of St Albans, if more suited to a smaller wedding.



Hema & Nicks Wedding at the Swiss Gardens in the Shuttleworth Collection, near Biggleswade and then at the Airman Hotel, Meppershall, Bedfordshire

Hema and Nick had an absolutely lovely wedding with so many wonderful opportunities for me to photograph - A fantastic setting at the beautiful Swiss Gardens at Shuttleworth, surrounded by stunning greenery and a very cheeky peacock, who thought he was the centre of attention.

Combining that with well attired and jolly guests and decent weather equals not only a wedding to remember, but also beautiful photographs by which to remember.



The marriage of Katie & Paul & St Nicholas, Islip. Nr Oxford, followed by a reception at the Oxfordshire Inn Hotel, Bletchington, Oxfordshire

I loved the little village of Islip, near Oxford, its a beautiful picture postcard of an English village and at its heart is the gorgeous church of St Nicholas where Katie & Paul were wed.

A day of constantly changing weather, though the rain just held off, the couple opted for all the formal photos to be taken on the small green just in front of the church

I then followed on to the quirky Oxfordshire Inn in nearby Bletchington for more photos!


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