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Handmade Wedding Albums

As well as providing off the shelf albums, I also provide fully custom handmade albums.

These are made very much in a very similar fashion to my coffee table books with the major exception that rather than having a printed page, you have a card page to which is affixed a traditional print or prints.

Though you can choose from a much wider palette of colours the 4 main choices for weddings are black, white, cappuccino and blush, which is a light pink. You may also choose from having the photos mounted with traditional photo corners or more modern mount pads. or for an even more contemporary (and permanent) look go for the images glued directly to the pages.

Asides from that all the same options as my coffee table books exist for these books. These are the perfect complement to your wedding if you prefer a more traditional looking book containing traditional prints. All the prints I supply are proper professional chemical lab prints. Available either as gloss for a modern look, or lustre, which is a semi-matte and gives that very traditional look that wedding photographers have been using for 40 years or more.

A number of customers when choosing the handmade wedding albums, opt to go for a post mount folio binding, rather than a full true binding. Again its a different look, but does also mean you can take the book apart and change or expand as your family does.

The final choice is to have a flush mount album, where each page is a photographic print itself, cut to size and bound to fit within the book.

Beautiful, traditional handmade books, where your imagination is the limit. If you are based locally to me in Hertfordshire, then I prefer to either have collected or to hand deliver the albums.